Top Scorers 


Cleverson De Oliveira Sean Keddy 7
Ryan Crowell Sean Keddy 6
Jerome Blye Sean Keddy 5
Tristan Woolaver Oaken Barrel 4
Dryden Gould Be Free 3
Chuck McNeil Be Free 3
Cole Potter Oaken Barrel 3
Jonah Shankel Be Free 3
Adam Hines Be Free 3
Clay Kelly Be Free 2
Pascal Doucette Be Free 2
David Foley Be Free 2
Seth Mclean Be Free 1
Cody Holland Be Free 1
Liam Dutton Be Free 1
Connor Keith Be Free 1
David Woodbury Oaken Barrel 1
Koady Goodine Sean Keddy 1
Travis Wade Sean Keddy 1
Ryan Massiah Sean Keddy 1
Darian Wade Sean Keddy 1
Michael Dakin Sean Keddy 1
Justin Russell Sean Keddy 1
Jayden McEvoy Sean Keddy 1
Dominique Stuz Sean Keddy 1
Mackenzie Reeves Oaken Barrel 1
Brian Marshal Oaken Barrel 1


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