Male U-13

  •   Top 4 teams in each division will advance to play-offs

2 teams will advance directly  to provincials being held in Cape Breton Sept 7-8

            Winner and loser of game EP-7



All Fields marked as TBA **   will be played on the field of the team that has the higher standing in regular season—going by points


U-13 Male “B”--------- 2 divisions—



Game #           Date                                        Time   Home                          Away                          Field



EP-1                Mon, Aug 19                           7pm     KW-Bell-15           Clare-0             Oakdene

EP-2                Mon, Aug 19                           6:30     K/G Veinot -5        Somerset -2      Ivy

EP-3                Mon, Aug 19                           6:30     KW-Greer-1          K/G Shep.-2     Oakdene

EP-4                Mon, Aug 19                           6:30     Yarmouth-5           WH Whitehead-0    Forfeit



EP-5                Wed, Aug 21                          6:30     KW-Bell-2             Yarmouth-3           AWEC

EP-6                Wed, Aug 21                          6:30     KG Veinot -3          KG-Shep. -2           Ivy


EP-7                TBA                                       TBA     KG Veinot              Yarmouth             TBA



Play-off games involving the following clubs during week-days


Clare—should they play teams from West Hants, East Kings, Kings West, Somerset, Bridgetown and Greenwood---regardless of who is home team, we find a field that is middle to both


Yarmouth---should they play teams from Bridgetown,  Greenwood, Somerset, East Kings, Kings West, West Hants, —regardless of who is home team, we find a field that is middle to both